Dear Past thanks for all the lessons, Dear Future I am ready

A lecture performance that took place at Performance Biennial at Green Park Athens.

From the host and intimate projected environment of my kitchen  I am presenting the story of Cilem Dogan, a turkish woman that killed her violent husband and become a symbol for Turkish feminists.


The story of Cilem is combined with other stories of Greek, Turkish and American pop culture that are projected from a tv at the projected kitchen.

The documentation of the performance is following.




Οπτικοακουστικό υλικό με την σειρά που προβάλεται:

– Gone with the wind, 1939, movie, director:Victor Fleming

– “Σμυρνέϊκο Μανές Μπορδέλο”, 1911,  Γιάγκος Ψαμαθιανός, Papakonstantopoulos

– “O κατήφορος”, 1961,  director: Γιάννης Δαλιανίδης

– “Selvi boylum al yazmalim”, 1978, Atif Yilmaz

– βίντεο απο την συνάντηση της Τσιλέμ Ντοάν με τις φεμινίστριες της Τουρκίας.

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